Wheel Alignment for All Vehicles Collingwood Stayner, ON- Equipfix

Wheel Alignment

We only use the newest and most advanced wheel alignment machine, to provide you with the most accurate results possible.

Utilizing the most advanced wheel alignment machine, we are able to produce accurate and reliable wheel alignment readings on all vehicles. Our 14,000lb alignment rack is capable enough to handle all vehicles up to a 188” wheelbase.

There are many benefits to getting a wheel alignment for your vehicle, including reduced tire wear, vehicle wander, and a crooked steering wheel.

A wheel alignment should be performed anytime a steering or suspension component is replaced, and is recommended at the time of seasonal tire changes, due to the poor conditions of our roadways, potholes and curbs can throw your vehicle out of alignment and drastically reduce the life of your tires.

Key factors and the importance of wheel alignments for your vehicle:

Save Fuel

Increased friction and rolling resistance due to tires not running parallel to the roadway.

Tire Costs

Tire wear is dramatically increased and will require replacement sooner, as well new tire warranty’s are void under these conditions.


When the vehicle is always pulling to one side, or wandering, you are taking an unnecessary risk and the increased chances of an accident.

How Often

Alignments are like any other regular vehicle maintenance and should be performed twice a year. The costs of not doing a proper wheel alignment outweigh the cost of one.